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 Conventional Skiing Wisdoms (CSW's) 

by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
private ski lessons at Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, other areas

 CSW #12: "Practice makes perfect."

The famous football coach Vince Lombardi is said to have noted that "practice does not make perfect." He noted instead that "Perfect practice makes perfect." So be sure when practicing a new ski maneuver so that it will be drilled in that you practice it correctly else you will drilling in the wrong movement. Then you will have to work even harder to "un-drill" it and "re-drill" the correct pattern.

The same thing said another way, "Practice is not what you do to learn a maneuver; practice is what you do once you have learned the maneuver." Thus you "Fail Until You Succeed" with the maneuver, then you practice the learned maneuver until you have drilled it into your skiing.

Ski lessons are designed to give time to practice new maneuvers so they are understood and experienced. But there is rarely enough time for students to declare ownership of new maneuvers, so it is important for students to perfectly practice the learned maneuver on their own later. Ideally, perhaps, they would stay with their coach-instructor all the time to monitor progress. At least it is good if students come back to their mentor for periodic evaluations, for our own eyes and minds often trick us into thinking we are practicing well when we are not.

It is especially frustrating for instructors to watch their former charges out on the slopes skiing just as they did before their lessons and not practicing perfectly. Instructors need to see they have helped. In the long run, progress toward skiing goals will likely to occur sooner with continual or renewed feedback from an instructor-coach.

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