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by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III
private ski lessons at Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, other areas

2008: 1st of 53 in gold division nationally in age group:
20th in all divisions nationally in age group

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 ALPINE NATIONAL RANKING (2007-08 Season) - Male 70-74 - Platinum Division
Rank Competitor Hometown Average Handicap

1 Wolfgang Bauer Bernardsville, NJ 9.98
2 Don Kutyna Colorado Springs, CO 10.79
3 John Bloomberg Park City, UT 10.89
4 Jerry Taylor Arvada, CO 10.91
5 Jim Clarke Park City, UT 13.20
6 Sherman Mcclure Landrum, SC 15.46
7 Marian Polakiewicz Burnsville, MN 15.63
8 Mike Frigard Marblehead, MA 15.97
9 Bernhard Palm Brookfield, WI 16.94
10 Ron Haney East Point, GA 17.00
11 Al Hobart Waitsfield, VT 18.25
12 Carl Fullman Portland, OR 18.55
13 Neil Lipsey Hume, VA 19.65
14 A. H. (Sonny) Parrish Pagosa Springs, CO 19.71
15 David Britton Newburyport, MA 19.89
16 John Piotrowski Colorado Springs, CO 20.00
17 Ray Heid Clark, CO 20.19
18 Kanut Reistad Jasper, FL 20.24
19 Bob Willard Park City, UT 20.76
20 William Jones Silverthorne, CO 20.84
21 Fred Fushimi Dayton, OH 20.90
22 Jay Kearns Waitsfield, VT 20.95
23 Philippe Marielle New York, NY 21.25
24 Richard Coppock Aspen, CO 21.31
25 Hugh Armstrong Breckenridge, CO 21.59
26 Harry Joy Jonesboro, GA 21.72


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