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Bill is accepting reservations for lessons for winter 2022-2023.

How To Reserve Private Ski Lessons with Bill Jones
by Bill Jones, Ski Instructor
Certified Professional Ski Instructor (Registration #110478), Level III


          • Booking info for full day private lessons with Bill Jones--
          • for adults and children age 8 and up (a parent[s] may be present if you prefer)
          • from skill levels 1 through 7
          • for alpine skiing (no terrain park, cross-country ,racing, telemarking, or snowboarding)
          • "Private" lessons may include multiple persons.
          • For Keystone (new and existing clients)--and for other Vail Resorts (existing clients only) book at the Keystone Ski School 1/800/255-3715 or online at www.keystoneresort.com, (Lessons and Rentals). I would be honored to have you enter Bill Jones as your instructor choice (although I've been around a while, not all the booking agents have been and you may need to have them book William Jones).
After you have made your arrangements, please e-mail me those at billjones@skimybest.com and include your goals. We can also arrange our meeting place and times. If you prefer, email me first and describe what you would like including ages and ability levels of skiers, experience skiing, and where you want to ski so I can comment on how best to set up lessons. I will even advise if I will not be your best choice and may be able to suggest another. Thanks, and I hope to ski with you soon--"Let's ski!" --Bill Jones

Contact Bill Jones:
e-mail Bill Jones  This is the best way  to contact Bill.                 
home phone:  970/468-7673 (phone has answering machine)
cell phone:     970/390-8821 (when in range, daytimes only; if no answer leave message but also call home phone as cell phone does not work at rural residence.)
postal mail:    Bill Jones, 637 Blue Ridge Road, Silverthorne, CO 80498

You may contact Bill with inquiries but do not ask to make arrangements for lessons other than through the ski school. Why?

Information/pricing for full-day private lessons: Make arrangements at www.keystoneresort.com (Skimybest.com is not a Vail Resorts website.)

Also note that Bill--or any instructor-- cannot be reserved for group lessons.

If renting equipment (not included with lesson), consider renting it at the resort. That way, if an equipment adjustment is needed it can be done with less interruption to your lesson. Get skis, boots, and poles (some rental agents say poles are not needed for beginner adults--not so; I prefer to teach with them). The company rentskis.com: exits has locations near lift bases at most of the Vail Resorts ski areas and you can reserve your gear online--useful as at busy times equipment may be limited in some sizes or types and wait-times for fitting your gear can be less.

If you will rent equipment at a resort, arrive at the rental shop for fitting at least one hour before your lesson, more on busy days such as holidays, school vacations. Or rent it the afternoon or evening before your lesson--check for shop hours.

For more considerations on private lessons, and for comparing pros and cons of private lessons versus group lessons, go to Why Take a Lesson from a Professional Ski Instructor and scroll down to "Private vs. Group Lesson".

What you may expect in a Level 1 private ski lesson at River Run, Keystone

What you may expect in a Level 1 private ski lesson at Mountain House, Keystone

Location maps of some private lesson meeting areas at Breckenridge

Share your personal skiing information with Bill so he can plan the best experience to meet your needs and wishes.

Get on  a contact list for Bill's annual pre-season letter.

For background on Bill, go to BILL JONES, Ski Instructor. Also, Read what others have said about ski lessons with Bill.

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